SP3 – Infrastructure service networks

The main objective of this subproject is to develop a network design method by which multimodal networks facilitating AD can be designed and evaluated while considering the uncertainties with respect to the implementation path of AD. This subproject will focus of the following design questions:

  • To which extent, where and when are ‘regular’ capacity extensions (new roads or additional lanes) required given the fact that AD affects the level of service?
  • Level 4 and possibly level 3 vehicles and automated shuttle services require dedicated facilities, e.g. V2I services to facilitate AD, dedicated lanes or dedicated infrastructure for AD vehicles. Where and when should these facilities be provided, and how do such measures affect non automated vehicles?
  • In which regions are investments in automated parking promising?
  • Where and when can public transport services be automated?

The subproject is performed by Bahman Madadi and guided by Maaike Snelder, Rob van Nes and Bart van Arem.

Bahman Madadi’s PhD thesis can be read here:
Design and Optimization of Road Networks for Automated Vehicles

Bahman Madadi