Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a regional airport serving the densely populated southwest area of the Netherlands. Rotterdam The Hague Airport has the ambition of being the best regional airport in the Netherlands and being among the best of its kind on the European level. Over the past years, the number of passengers who make use of Rotterdam The Hague Airport has risen sharply. The result: new destinations, more frequent flights and the creation of more capacity on certain routes due to the ever-increasing demand for comfortable air travel via Rotterdam The Hague Airport. In the same period, the number of noise complaints decreased sharply, while there were even more flights, and with larger aircraft. Also the business park around the airport has well developed over the last years with the latest development being a new large hotel/conference complex next to the terminal building. In 2014 almost 1.6 million passengers used Rotterdam The Hague Airport to approximately 40 destinations in Europe.