Metropoolregio Den Haag Rotterdam


The Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (mrdh) covers the area of 23 municipalities. The municipalities join forces to make the area more accessible and to strengthen the economic business climate. The mrdh has two pillars, the Transport Authority (Va) and Economic and Business Climate (EV).

The ambition of the mrdh: “In 2025, the metropolitan region of Rotterdam and The Hague will be the international market leader in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of solutions in the area of sustainable living in a heavily urbanised delta region. In the region, coherent solutions will be devised, tested and produced for global logistic, energy, food and safety issues.”

The mrdh considers automated transport as a new means to strengthen the accessibility of the region as well in the field of public transport, individual mobility and logistics. From this perspective the mrdh participates in SURF STAD to get more insight  in the strengths and weaknesses of automated transport and its effects on mobility and spatial developments.