Baiba Pudāne

I am Baiba Pudāne, since August 2016 the PhD candidate of the STAD project, 1st work package. I am conducting my research at TU Delft faculty of Technology, Policy and Management with the guidance of Prof. Caspar Chorus, Dr. Sander van Cranenburgh and Dr. Eric Molin (TU Delft), and Prof. Theo Arentze (TU Eindhoven). My research interest is to explore the effects of automated driving on people’s medium- and long-term choice behaviour. Specifically, the opportunity to engage in new non-driving activities (while in the automated vehicle) is said to decrease the disutility of time spent travelling, as well as it may free up time within a day. This may trigger more travel: either by travelling to new- or accepting longer travel distances to the current activities. A potential consequence of the latter is a shift of home or work locations to places further apart. My PhD work aims to empirically assess the likelihood of this scenario and estimate the size of the potential effects.

My educational background is in Transport and Logistics (postgraduate, from TUM Asia in Singapore) and Mathematics and Statistics (undergraduate, from University of Latvia). Before joining TU Delft I have worked for the research institute TUM CREATE in Singapore, and Latvian national airline airBaltic. My hobbies are classical music and board games.