Gemeente Den Haag

The Hague is capital of the province of Zuid-Holland, and with more than 500,000 inhabitants, the third largest municipality in the Netherlands. The municipality belongs to the former Haaglanden Region. This agglomeration of nine municipalities has 1,088,508 residents. Together with former Region of Rotterdam, it now forms the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague, with 2,2 million inhabitants living on 1,130 km2, the 213th urban agglomeration in the world.

The Dutch government and parliament are located in the city, and it is the residence of the royal family. The Hague plays nationally and internationally a major role, since nearly all ministries and embassies are in The Hague. In addition, The Hague is the international city of peace and justice. Tens of thousands of people work here every day together for a more peaceful, equitable and secure world, in about 160 organizations, hundreds of companies and knowledge centres. The Peace Palace is for over 100 years the symbol of international justice.

The Hague works in the field of traffic management for years with TNO and TU Delft. Examples include the development of sustainable dynamic traffic management (DTM on the basis of modelled traffic emissions to deliver a more liveable city) and the development of a new traffic model for predicting traffic problems for the new traffic centre. In addition, The Hague has co-signed a Smart City agreement including TNO, Delft University of Technology, Centre for Innovation University of Leiden and The Hague University. These partners focus on the application of innovative technology within the city.