DTV Consultants

Capacity building – Preparing mobility professionals for the next generation of mobility.

DTV Consultants is an independent consultancy agency and educational organisation in the field of traffic and transport based in Breda, the Netherlands. Originally DTV Consultants was founded as the Service Centre for Tourism and Traffic, an association of the National School of tourism and traffic. DTV Consultants has worked for 30 years for regional governments, municipalities and public transport operators, but also for the European Commission and international clients. The mobility expertise of DTV Consultants covers all fields of traffic and transport. A special feature of DTV Consultants is its extensive educational experience: DTV Consultants organises and teaches over 50 different courses in the field of traffic and transport in the Netherlands on Bachelor and Bachelor-plus level. DTV is officially accredited for this by the Ministry of Education.

DTV Consultants has broad experience in national and European Projects in which research and innovation activities are key. Findings of such projects are used in educational and training programmes aimed at mobility professionals. Eg. traffic safety and road design. Some examples of projects: GRAPHIUM Dynamic, Bike the Track – Track the Bike, ENERQI (both STEER), CIVITAS GUARD (FP6). DTV Consultants were one of the main partners in the prize-winning CONNECT project (STEER). Furthermore, they participated in e.g. PORTAL (GROWTH), EMOTIONS (SAVE), NODES, CIVITAS MIMOSA, CIVITAS CAPITAL (FP7) and in MOBI, Trendy Travel (STEER).