SWOV researched interaction between cyclists and pedestrians

SWOV, partner in the STAD project, has researched the interaction between cyclists and pedestrians. The current report looked into the position of pedestrians and cyclists in such a future traffic system. The report provides an overview of current knowledge, theoretically and empirically, about the interaction of pedestrians and cyclists with (partly) automated vehicles. Furthermore, it identifies what we need to know in order to ensure that an automated driving system, particularly during the transition period, does not compromise the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

For more details please check the following link: https://www.swov.nl/publicatie/safe-interaction-between-cyclists-pedestrians-and-automated-vehicles

SWOV also has published a report with the title ‘Safely towards self-driving vehicles’. This report describes which developments can be expected during the automation of the traffic system. The report also discusses the implications of these developments for road safety: the opportunities and the risks. The report concludes with the presentation of a research agenda in which the topics are clustered into three groups:

  1. Interaction of the driver with the new technology in the vehicle
  2. Interaction of (partly) automated vehicles with other traffic
  3. Smart infrastructure and safety effects on the traffic system

The report can be found here: https://www.swov.nl/publicatie/veilig-naar-het-verkeer-van-de-toekomst