Kick-off meeting STAD took place in Delft @Connekt

The project was kicked off during the 3rd of May 2016 in Delft at the Connekt premises. The meeting started with a brief project overview presented by Bart van Arem regarding the project. This was followed by a brief Q&A session between Nico Anten (Connekt) en Judith Boelhouwers (City of Rotterdam) regarding the interest in Self driving cars within urban areas and more specifically what the expectations are from the STAD project. Judith indicated that not only the specific use of automated vehicles was of interest, but also the overall interaction with the environment and the impacts related to that. Then all partners were invited to participate in a carrousel setup to visit workpackages relevant to them and find out how the scientific and practical partners can be of support towards each other. The session ended with a short overview of the discussion from the WP-leaders and ended with drinks.