Gemeente Rotterdam

Rotterdam has over 600.000 inhabitants and is the second largest town in The Netherlands. Rotterdam is a modern city and a harbour city. It has the fourth port in the world and the biggest port of Europe. The port is of great economic importance for Rotterdam. Starting in the inner city hundreds of years ago and nowadays a whole new port area is developed 30 kilometers to the west. Rotterdam is part of the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam The Hague, a region with 2,2 million residents.

The urban development strategy of Rotterdam focusses on three goals: strong economy, attractive living city and healthy city. Complementary, the mobility strategy focusses on five challenges: facilitating the increasing use of bikes, reducing problems regarding air-polution, strengthening the economyy, realising an optimal quality of public space and realising a flexible and future proof moblity network.

The municipality of Rotterdam has a lot of experience in coöperating with research partners. A lot of PhD an d bachelor student form different Universities (Delft University of Technologie, Erasmus University Rotterdam) were guided by employees of the municipality.