STAD Open Event 10 June 2020

This event is cancelled and replaced with an online college tour.

Automated Driving on the Path of Enlightenment?

STAD and MHC organize a final open event on the 10th of June!

They join forces to offer you the results of 5 years research in the field of Automated Driving.

In an interactive way we will look back and forward on what we learned and what we can do with it.

You’re welcome to join on the 10th of June (13.00 – 17.00)

Location: Connekt, Ezelsveldlaan 59 in Delft

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The Spatial and Transport
Impacts of Automated Driving, or STAD, is a joint research project about
the implications of the future of accessibility and spatial development
of mobility with respect to autonomous driving


Meaningful Human Control, or MHC
aims to develop a new theory of meaningful human control for automated
driving systems. This notion of control is meant to aid the transition
from human driving to automated driving, and
promote safety and a clear attribution of responsibility in case of
traffic accidents. Starting from this theory, the research team will
formulate ethical and technical recommendations for the different
stakeholders involved with the design, development and
regulation of such autonomous systems.